Hang XIE  (谢航)



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Personal Information

Name         Hang XIE;  谢航

Year of Birth   1978

Position     Researcher in Chongqing University

Email         xiehangphy@cqu.edu.cn

Room       LE508,   Science Building, Huxi Campus,  Chongqing University



Ph.D. in Computational Physics, HKUST, Hong Kong, China,                          2004—2008

M.S.in Materials and Optics, Fudan University, Shanghai, China,                      2001—2004

B.S. in Physics, Fudan University, Shanghai, China,                                           1997—2001


Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Physics, Chongqing University,    2015—present

Post Doctoral Fellow, Department of Chemistry, HKU                                      2011—2014

Research Associate,  Department of Chemistry, HKUST                                    2009—2010

Visiting Scholar,   Department of Physics,   HKUST                                           2008—2009


Research Interests

 (1) Quantum transport in nano systems and electric, optic and magnetic properties in novel structures such as graphene and other 2D materials.

 (2) Molecular aggregations and Nano-particles self-assembling.


Postgraduate Study and Post-doc Positions

     I recruit the Master and Doctor students.

     In my group you may get  a lot of directions in science and other aspects. I will  support you to pursue your scientific interests. 

     The positions for the post-doc research are open. The salary ranges from 8k-12k RMB per month.  

     The suitable applicant may write the email (xiehangphy@cqu.edu.cn) with CV to me.